The package is capable of producing various cut-out designs for shirts, jeans, textiles, canvas, umbrella, leather, gowns and other fabrics. Siser thermo transfer is available in different colors, including electric, metallic and glitter, which can not be done by silk screen. This is made of high quality materials in Italy. If you are familiar with shirts sold in malls either in unique tribal designs or the ones sold by popular and expensive brands, then, you can easily do them with this package. Simple shirts can be designed into elegant looking shirts and sold at high prices. Siser package price and consumable items may seem high, but actual production cost per square inch is worth the cost.

Basic steps are:
1. design
2. cut
3. press

Flatbed heatpress can also be used on puzzles, mousepads, coasters and other flat items, in combination with other materials like inks and transfer papers. Expert cutter plotters are usually for cut-out stickers used as signages, building accessories, car decal, personalized items, etc. Either vinyl or reflectorized stickers are used. Some examples are signages of fastfood chains, bus stops, door and exit signs.

1 unit XtremePress Flatbed (38cm x 38cm)
5 pcs. white cotton shirt
5 pcs. black cotton shirt
1 unit Expert LX cutter plotter
10 pcs. assorted colored PS films


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