Xtreme Flatbed

Xtremepress Flatbed package is capable of producing digitally printed shirts and other fabrics good for campaigns, souvenirs, personalized, giveaway items. It is a complete package that is equipped with machines and consumable items. All you need is a computer to start.
Basic steps are:
1. print
2. cut
3. press

1 unit XtremePress Flatbed (38cm x 38cm)
1 pc. teflon sheet (50cm x 40cm)
1 unit Epson desktop printer
4 pcs syringe with needle
1 Bottle 100 ml pigment ink (Cyan)
1 Bottle 100 ml pigment ink (Magenta)
1 Bottle 100 ml pigment ink (Yellow)
1 Bottle 100 ml pigment ink (Black)
5 pcs. white cotton shirt
5 pcs. black cotton shirt
1 pack Transfer paper for dark shirts (10 sheets)


parchment paper size 8.5" x 11"
mini t-shirt (cotton) white w/ hanger
mini t-shirt (cotton) yellow w/ hanger
mini t-shirt (cotton) green w/ hanger
mini t-shirt (cotton) black w/ hanger
mini t-shirt (cotton) red w/ hanger
shirt shirt shirt shirt shirt



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